View live accounts trading with the Quest system verified by a third-party.

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Below are the Forex Brokers we currently work with.

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How to Join

Please follow these 4 steps to join the Quest Managed Account:

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Quest Managed Account

The Quest trading strategy uses a proprietary algorithm which is based on various market indicators and conditions, like volatility, and retail sentiment data.   The system uses technical analysis like trending / breakout data, and fundamental analysis, like general market environment data.
  1. Sophisticated algorithm which constantly adopts to current market conditions.
  2. Leaves bad trades as early as possible, while getting the full potential out of the good trades.
  3.  Five years of live (proven) track records.
  4. Professionally managed by individuals with a combined trading experience of 18 years!
  • Have your funds managed by professionals.
  • No need to use a VPS.
  • Withdraw your funds at anytime. No strings attached.
  •  High Water Market 30% Performance fee.
  •  No Management Fees.
  1. Decide how much capital you'd like to invest (minimum $2,500). Since there's a level of risk associated with Forex trading, you should only invest what you can afford to lose.
  2. Open an account with any of our supported brokers. (You can contact us if you wish to use other brokers).
  3. Sign our MAM Agreement.
  4. Sit back and let us do the trading for you.

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Now you can invest properly in the Forex Market. Our professionally managed accounts have proven track records from 2010! Verified by a third-party service.

We believe that trading the Forex market should be easy and simple. Unfortunately, many of the trading systems out there don’t have a long shelf life.  They tend to perform great for a few months but then stop working, or the performance is just not on par with the vendors account.

For those who don’t have the time to study and monitor the Forex market all day, investing in a managed account or a PAMM account is the optimal way to reap the benefits of the Forex market.

At BinaForex, we have a combined experience of more than 18 years trading the Forex market, and we’ve been using the “Quest” and “Edge” systems on live accounts for close to 5 years. So, we’ll let the track records speak for itself.

We’re not going to try to sell you anything. All we ask is that you view our managed account solutions. We’ll do our best to accommodate you, and provide you with quality customer support. Our ultimate quest is to help you reach your investing goals, and we’ll continuously strive to achieve that for you.

Wishing you much success and many pips!

The Bina Forex Team